Film Without Frontiers presents a wonderful series of colorful photographic images created by talented photographer Tania Kaaz.

Photographer: Tania Kaaz —,

“I take color photos which I process at home. I soak my color film, which involves submerging my film in various liquids before I process it. These liquids destroy the film, causing interesting effects. I make surreal, otherworldly images, creating landscapes which are different than what our eyes see. I’m very interested in manipulating images. I enjoy making photos that create an altered reality and show ordinary objects and scenes in a surreal, almost magical way. I like to see what the eye doesn’t normally see and soaking accomplishes that. The effects of soaking are random and often unexpected, completely unique and unable to be duplicated. Creating beauty out of destruction is an interesting concept and soaking too long can cause the film to be destroyed beyond recognition, so there is an excitement that always happens when I soak my film and process it and see beautiful negatives emerge from the chemicals with the emulsion intact and not eaten away. I hope my images can produce the sense of childlike wonder in the viewer that they produce in me in the making of them.”

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