film without frontiers is always accepting film photography submissions. Submit now!


Film photography submissions!

We want you to submit your work! Film Without Frontiers is a humble online photography magazine that loves to publish work by film photographers from around the world. We like portraits, tasteful nudes, landscapes, documentary, experimental, souped, avant garde, street photography, etc. We are always hungry for submissions, so please take a minute to submit your photos to us! We respond to every submission. If you’ve been searching for magazines that accept film photography submissions, you’ve found one!

To get a sense of our wide range of tastes, explore the site!

  1. The photographs must be film (35mm, instant, medium-format, etc.)
  2. The photographs must not be published by other ‘zines (shared on social is fine).

Send a Dropbox link and full credits to

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We are a small team of curators, but we respond to every submission we receive, because we understand how frustrating it can be for photographers not to know the status of their work after submitting to magazines. It’s not hard, and we don’t understand why some magazines are not considerate enough to extend the same courtesy.

We are online only, though we have considered a print edition. It is free to submit. And we do not compensate photographers for their work. As it is, this is a labor of love that is a money-losing venture. We hope that sharing photography as part of our community is payment enough!

We have happily and eagerly accepted submissions since 2018. Other great film-photography magazines have vanished, but we hope to be here for years to come. If you have interest in becoming involved in Film Without Frontiers as a curator or partner, please do not hesitate to contact us at!

If you have some great, creative photography that is not shot on film, consider submitting to our friends at Fuzz Magazine.