100 Days of Lockdown

Wonderful portraits of beautiful model Mara Mordica shot by Sydney-based film photographer Dom Rui.

Photographer: Dom Rui (aka Refracting Light) — instagram.com/refracting_light; refracting-light.com

Model: Mara Mordica — instagram.com/mo.mordica

“Project: 100 Days of Lockdown. Sydney has had some of the strictest lockdown conditions in the world, with the latest lockdown at the end of 2021 lasting over 100 days. Days blend into nights, minutes blend into hours, the monotony of life and extended isolation away from human contact can drain the emotions. But it’s within this time that people learn to express themselves and find their alter ego.”

Dom Rui is a Sydney based creative that goes by the name Refracting Light. He uses a variety of media particularly 35mm and 120 film, which he bulk-rolls, self-develops and scans. His main focus is raw, natural-style portrait photography. In his spare time he buys, disassembles, fixes, and sells vintage cameras and lenses.

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