The Journey Inward

Photographer: Faith Lee —,

“I used to hate going inwards as a child/youth. Going inwards meant facing my own judgements, feeling all the sadness, pain that surrounded me and lived within myself. I would often dissociate. As an adult I am able to be in my own body and to go within it. Now I value the time I am able to spend with myself and take the opportunity to face the things I was once unable to. Some days it can be extremely exhausting to be human and I have to remind myself to come back into my body, but with the love and support in my life I always find my way back. This photo series was taken in the fall. The fall is where I naturally travel inwards, this is a celebration self series of my journey inwards and an exploration of myself through my own lens. Canon AE1, Kodak 200 black-and-white expired film.”