Analepsis: Voice of the Unspeakable

Photographer: Anita Krisko —

Conceptual Author and Model: Nicolás Lemus —

Analepsis: Voice of the Unspeakable

The human experience is in many ways a lonely path, subjected to an extensive classification that has created metaphysical concepts in the realm of philosophy, but inspired an endeavor to conceptualize it. Using the registers of the psyche from Jacques Lacan, imaginary, symbolic and real, we want to bring out the inaccessible (real) with the image (Photography) and language (stream of consciousness) to awake in the spectator the phenomenon of depression, psychosis and anxiety.   

This collaborative project is examining the near-future human, suffering from depression, anxiety and phobias, gradually being replaced by smart phone apps and machines. We live in the era that follows the three narcissistic wounds of humankind: after Copernicus kicked us from the center of the solar system, Darwin pushed us out of the center of creation and Freud contoured us as beings driven by passion and unconscious impulses. Our world is sick from an excess of positivity and productivity, making mental disorders an epidemic. We can achieve everything; we are supposed to be free and happy.  The responsibility of a failure then falls onto the individual. We fail because we are not good enough, making us depressed and narcissistically wounded. While we are exploited by our own “freedom” and “standard”, mental disorders are our escape from the modern world. Magic, fortune telling and superstitions are still there to empower us with the feeling of control.

This series of portraits presents obsessive and hysterical neurosis, psychosis and perversion. The emotions are communicated by the face, posture and environment of the model and co-author of the exhibition, and enhanced by the use psychedelic blues film. Together with the atmosphere created by the effects of analog photography, they tell a story of mental disorders that humans are suffering from in the advent of their intellectual demise.

More about Anita Krisko and Nicolás Lemus

Anita Krisko, born in Croatia and now lives in Göttingen, Germany. With her photos, she won the Silver Award (Artists Wanted) for emerging artists in Fine Art Competition in 2013. She is co-founder of Le Monde Analogue, a community for the promotion of film photography. So far, she has exhibited her work in two solo exhibitions in Paris (Sur le trottoir de Paris; Fréquences perdues), and Split, Croatia (Analepsis), as well as group exhibitions in Pasadena, and Los Angeles, California and Berlin (Le Monde Analogue), which she also co-organized at Art Stalker. She is fascinated by street photography, street art, and in general, by the atmosphere and moments observed in everyday life.

Nicolás Lemus is a Colombian born researcher and physician who now lives in Göttingen, Germany. As an autodidact philosopher with an interest in photography and visual arts, he uses this medium to improve life quality. Thereby he also included experiences in mental health and psychoanalysis. He is a founding member of the Le Monde Analogue team. So far, he exhibited his work in a group exhibition in Berlin (Le Monde Analogue) and a solo exhibition in Split, Croatia (Analepsis).