Magazines That Accept Photography Submissions

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Film Without Frontiers is an online photography magazine specializing in film photography. We are always accepting submissions. We are part of community on online photography magazines that share and promote work by photographers around the world. There are a bunch of magazines online that we love — some exclusively film, some not. Here is a list of some of them that photographers — and fans of photography — may find useful. If you know of other ‘zines that we should know about, please let us know! We would like this list to be a great resource for professional and amateur photographers who want to submit their work for publication.

Photography Magazines Focusing on Film Photography

Alter/Analog —
Analog.Cafe —
Analog Forever —
Film Shooters Collective —
Film Without Frontiers — (Hey! That’s us!)
Fourteen —
Frames —
Honest With You —
The Luna Collective —
Mauer —
Momo —
Now Developing —
OnFilm —
Retro Camera Cool —
Sarmad —
She Shoots Film —
Shoot It With Film —
Shrill Cats —
Uncertain —
Y35 —

Other Photography Magazines

Another Love —
Art About —
Artells —
Atto Magazine —
Beneath Your Beautiful —
Cultartes —
Divina Magazine —
Fluffer —
For the Wolves —
Fuzz Magazine —
Grunge and Art —
Han Han —
Kodd —
Kompromise Magazine —
Love and Mercy —
Love of Portraits —
Nagu —
Nart Magazine —
Off the Rails —
OnlyChild —
Pellicola —
Philocaly —
Prolific Quarterly —
Raamat Magazine —
Rekt Magazine —
Redne —
Some —
Something Different —
Sticks and Stones Agency —
Traaaw —
When With You —
Wül —
Yogurt —

We hope that photographers find this list to be helpful. If you know of any other online magazines like these that accept submissions, please let us know! Sadly, some wonderful online magazines do not last forever. If you notice anything is these lists that is no longer active, please drop up a line.