topless Hailey Sunshine photographed by Joshua Kenneth Oliver

A Night in Colfax

Photographer: Joshua Kenneth Oliver — ,

Model: Hailey Sunshine —

Cameras and Film: Nikon FE, Olympus xa2, Lomography 800, Ilford HP5

Hailey was one of my favorite collaborations ever because she brought great energy and openness to my ideas to the shoot! This being all after I made the huge mistake of telling her the wrong date of a shoot 2 hours away at the painted mines in Colorado and she still shot with me, I will always appreciate that.

Luckily on my visit to Colorado I made sure to bring 800 speed Lomography film with me just in case I needed it for a spontaneous nighttime shoot, which this certainly was. This was my first time using it and so it’s definitely in the running for one of my favorite films.